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DriveSafe NT Remote

DriveSafe NT Remote

 Territory drive program earns national recognition - 16 November

For the majority of Australians a driver’s licence is a rite of passage. It is the most widely used and accepted identification document.  We would be lost without.  For remote Territorians a license is far more that an approval to drive, it is a passport to opportunity.

The vision for the program is that it will:

  • help people in remote communities become competent and safer drivers
  • improve opportunities for economic participation because a valid driver’s licence
  • increases a person’s employment opportunities improve mobility and ability to participate in training, education, important cultural events and
  • attend health services contribute to a change in road safety culture that aims to reduce the over-representation of Indigenous people in road trauma and fatalities and
  • contribute to a reduction in the Indigenous people in prison due to traffic related offences.

Driver education and licensing and MVR services are delivered in over 22 remote communities.  The program is unique in that it is an end-to-end holistic program. 


Participants are individually case managed through the various stages to ensure that they:

  • understand the licensing pathway
  • know what they have to do to keep their licences
  • learn the road rules and how to drive safely
  • take part in driving lessons to reinforce the road rules and safe driving messaging
  • are confident and competent when they do the Provisional licence practical test, and
  • receive their Evidence of Identity (Birth Certificate).

For more information please contact us on or alternatively you can telephone us on (08) 8924 7011. Thank you.