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Heavy Vehicles

Vehicle Registration

The following information is designed to give a general overview of the requirements to register a vehicle in the Northern Territory. For detailed information or to answer a specific question, please contact your local motor vehicle registry on 1300 654 628 or visit our offices.


Creating a Customer ID – Natural Person


Creating a Customer ID – Body Corporate


Registering a Vehicle in more than one name


Registration for Interstate and Non Territory Residents


Representative / Agent


Nominated Operator


Application Forms


Vehicle Inspections


Fees and Charges


Stamp Duty


Motor Accident Compensation


Proof of Ownership


Heavy Vehicle Configurations

1.01 Creating a Customer ID – Natural Person

Prior to conducting a registration transaction in the Territory a person must be recorded as a Customer and be allocated a specific Customer ID.

The above Information Bulletins will assist a new customer when trying to register a motor vehicle in the Northern Territory for the first time by setting out the requirements a person must meet to be added to the Registrars database, MOVERS, as a customer.

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1.02 Creating a Customer ID – Body Corporate

Similar to natural persons a Body Corporate must be issued an individual Customer ID prior to being able to register a vehicle in the Territory.

Australian companies will be registered with ASIC (the Australian Securities and Investments Commission) and will be issued a company extract identifying:

  • the company's ACN (Australian Companies Number);
  • the company name including the terms "Pty", "Ltd" or "NL".
  • the person/s that is/are entitled to act on behalf of the company (i.e. the Managing Director or Secretary etc of the company).

The person acting on behalf of the company must have a letter of authority to act; a copy of the Company Extract issued by ASIC and proof of a principle place of business operation in the Northern Territory.

Incorporated Associations must be registered with the Department of Justice, Licensing, Regulations and Alcohol Strategy NT and once approved are issued with an Association Extract. The Association Extract will identify the principle place of operation or residency within the NT. In addition the person undertaking the transaction on behalf of the Association will need to supply with a letter of authority to act.

1.03 Registering a Vehicle in more than one name

Vehicles may be registered in the names of one or two people (Natural Persons) but only one organisation (bodies corporate), and never a combination of each. If a vehicle is to be registered in joint names, both individuals must become an MVR customer in the first instance.

1.04 Registration for Interstate and Non Territory Residents

To be issued registration in the Northern Territory an individual or Body Corporate is required to prove residency or have a principle place of business in the Northern Territory. All inquiries regarding registration without adequate proof of residency or principle place of business will be assessed individually on its own merits. Please contact the Motor Vehicle Registry for more details.

1.05 Representative / Agent

A Representative/agent is anyone who conducts business on behalf of another person or organisation (body corporate). Such persons must be able to provide appropriate written authority of their representative or agents status.

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1.06 Nominated Operator

A Nominated Operator is generally a person who is responsible for the day to day operation of the vehicle. A Nominated Operator must be identified for all vehicles over 4.5 tonnes

1.07 Application Form

In accordance with Section 92 of the Motor Vehicles Act customers must complete an application in the approved form for each registration transaction. The approved form must be completed in full by the applicant, which will ensure that all the relevant information is supplied by the applicant.

1.08 Vehicle Inspections

In addition to a roadworthy inspection, all vehicles establishing registration in the Northern Territory (NT) will require a compliance check. The roadworthy inspection may be carried out by an Authorised Inspector or Vehicle Standards Centre. The compliance check may only be performed by a Transport Inspector operating from a Vehicle Standards Centre.

Fee's apply for the roadworthy inspection. The compliance check is free.

1.09 Fees and Charges

The Fees shown in the attached table are inclusive of Registration, MACA, GST and Administration charges. Where applicable a Vehicle Roadworthy Inspection Fee will apply.

1.10 Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty
Under the Stamp Duty Act and Taxation (Administration) Act, stamp duty is a tax payable on the issue and transfer of a motor vehicle certificate of registration, i.e. when the vehicle is being registered in a customer's name for the first time. Full details relating to Stamp Duty can be found at:

1.11 Motor Accident Compensation

The Territory Insurance Office (TIO), through the Motor Accident (Compensation) Act (MACA) sets out the requirements for a no fault compensation scheme in respect of death or injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident.

The above mentioned legislation when coupled with the Part V Compensation Contributions – Motor Vehicles Act, set out the requirements in regards to MACA. Part V requires the MVR (Registrar) to charge the relevant amount of compensation continuation (MACA) when issuing registration.

1.12 Proof of Ownership

Proof of ownership is an important prerequisite prior to processing a registration transaction on behalf of a customer. Ownership requirements can be found in the following documents:

1.13 Heavy Vehicle Configurations

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