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Road Safety

Territory Road Fatalities

Rider Awareness Week 2015 - Image showing motorcyclist.Rider Awareness Week 6-12 September

The aim of Rider Awareness Week (RAW) is to increase the awareness for all road users about the need to share the roads and look out for each other. Motorcycle riders are some of our most vulnerable road users and are 25 times more likely than motor vehicle occupants to be killed in the event of a crash. As a rider, be alert, wear the right safety gear, protect yourself and make sure you can be seen by other drivers. As a driver, check your blind spots for motorcyclists and acknowledge riders when sharing the road. The week includes a free Motorcycle Safety Event on Saturday 12 September at Darwin Motorcycles. Download the RAW flyer (pdf 500Kb) or find out more from the Rider Awareness Northern Territory Facebook site.

Are You Road Ready?Are You Road Ready?

Is your vehicle safe? Is the road safe? Is your journey safe? Each year many Territorians travel long distances by car to visit friends and family throughout the Territory and the rest of Australia. This is particularly the case around mid-year, school holidays and the end of year holiday season. While the reasons and the destinations visited are varied, we all need to ensure we plan and prepare for a safe journey before leaving home. Find our more information and tips to ensure the journey is a safer more enjoyable one and you arrive and return home safely.

Rider Awareness WeekRoad Safety Short Film Competition

The winners of the 2015 Road Safety Short Film Competition have recently been announced. There was a good spread of ideas and talent around road safety and the issues that affect all of us in the community. The film festival is a partnership with the Northern Territory Government and Skinnyfish Music. The competition was aimed at promoting and developing creative road safety messages to be developed by people within regional communities and towns. Schools, individuals and groups were encouraged to get behind a camera or smart phone and try to win part of the $4000 prize money spread across several prize categories. This competition supersedes the previous community Road Safety Song Competitions that were held in various regional communities.


Unrestricted Speed SignOpen Speed Trial

A one year open speed trial commenced on 1 February 2014 on a section of the Stuart Highway north of Alice Springs to just south of Barrow Creek. From 1 September 2014 the existing open speed trial will include a new 72 kilometre stretch of the Highway from Barrow Creek to just south of the Ali Curung Rail Overpass. Find out more information about the Open Speed trial, speed penalties and how to drive safely to conditions.


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