About us

The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics was established by the Northern Territory Government on September 12, 2016.

The government created the department to bring together many of the key functions that drive land use, infrastructure and transport.

These include the development, planning, construction and maintenance of government infrastructure and roads, and transport safety, policy, strategy and compliance.

The department has one minister, one chief executive and operates in more than seven locations in the Northern Territory.

The department plays a lead role in planning, constructing and maintaining government infrastructure across the Northern Territory.

The department provides strategic advice and policy on a whole-of-government basis for infrastructure planning, building sustainability issues, energy management and capital works project definition, to ensure built assets are fit for purpose and consider life cycle costs.

We aim to be recognised as the experts in government, achieving best practice infrastructure programming, procurement and construction, while maximising the use of NT business and resources. 

We also strive to provide value for money services and deliver quality infrastructure on time and within budget.

The department facilitates sustainable development in the Northern Territory. It is responsible for:

  • land use plans
  • land releases
  • looking after Crown land until it is required for development
  • development assessment
  • building control
  • government land information
  • land information
  • supporting the NT Planning Commission.

The department provides safe, efficient and sustainable transport systems to meet community and NT government needs.

Civil services provide project management services for the design, procurement and supervision of the government’s infrastructure program and works closely with clients from across government.

It is responsible for:

  • aviation
  • commercial passenger vehicle industry
  • marine safety
  • Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR)
  • public transport
  • road network management
  • road safety
  • road transport
  • transport infrastructure
  • transport policy
  • transport safety.

Strategic plans

Our strategic plans are available on our Publications page.

Our Minister

Hon. Nicole Manison

Our management

Chief Executive Andrew Kirkman

Director Executive Services
Tegan Berg 

General Manager, Lands and Planning
Leah Clifford

General Manager Transport and Civil Services Division
Louise McCormick

General Manager Infrastructure Investment and Contracts Division
Brett Brogan

Executive Director Strategy, Policy and Legislation Division
Nick Papandonakis 

Executive Director Corporate Services Division
Sarah Temple

Northern Region Co-ordinator
Phil Harris

Southern Region Co-ordinator
Jacqueline Bohn

Last updated: 28 November 2017