Historic building legislation

This page contains some of the historical Northern Territory Building Acts, Ordinances and Building Regulations which may not be available from other sources. It is intended as a resource for people who are reviewing and investigating historical compliance requirements.

The information contained on this page should not be relied upon alone and users of the information should take care that the information is relevant and accurate if it is of sufficient importance for them to do so.

Additional sources of legislation information may be acquired from other reliable sources:

Ordinance/Act Number and Year Date of Commencement Comments
Building Ordinance 1936 PDF (494.9 KB) No 3 of 1936 5 March 1936 Building Regulations 1924 and the regulations dated 11/3/1927 under the Health Ordinance 1915-1924 are repealed.
Building Regulations 1936 PDF (2.1 MB)
21 March 1936 Regulations under the Buildings Ordinance 1936
Building Regulations 1960 PDF (2.3 MB) No 25, 1965 15 December 1965 Building Regulations in force under the Building Ordinance 1955-164 comprising of regulations No 9, 1960 and No 25, 1965
Building Manual under Building Ordinance 1955 PDF (5.2 MB)
25 November 1960 Building Manual for the purposes of the Building Ordinance and Regulations
Building Regulations PDF (78.0 KB) No 25, 1965 15 December 1965 Amendment to Regulations under the Building Ordinance 1955-1964
Building Regulations 1977 PDF (31.0 MB) No 24, 1977 22 December 1977 Adoption of the Building Manual 1975 (Darwin Area)
Building Regulations 1987 No 49, 1987 23 December 1987
Building Amendment Act 1989 (Amend) No 68, 1989 12 December 1989
Building Regulations 1993 PDF (2.7 MB) No 26, 1993 31 August 1993 Regulations under the Building Act , Regulations 1993, No 26

Last updated: 28 November 2017


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