Northern Territory Land Information Systems (NTLIS)

About Northern Territory Land Information Systems

The Northern Territory Land Information System (NTLIS) is a dynamic system that includes:

  • knowledge and expertise of staff 
  • spatial data and information
  • policies
  • procedures 
  • standards 
  • information technology 
  • communications.

NTLIS is a cooperative arrangement between NT Government agencies designed to deliver better outcomes for government, the community and industry from the use of spatial data resources. 

NTLIS delivers sustainable spatial data and information management, as well as land information management.

This coordinated approach to management and use of spatial data and information has been practiced in the Northern Territory since 1980 when the first corporate Land Information System was developed to provide a wide range of integrated information services.

Spatial data and information management

NTLIS is focused on corporate spatial data and information, which encompasses the spatial, geographic and attribute information required by more than one government agency or industry organisation to carry out core business functions.

Maximum benefits to the community from the collection, management and use of corporate spatial information will derive from a cooperative effort rather than by individual agencies and organisations simply focusing on their own specific business objectives. The NTLIS is founded on the principle of synergy.

Spatial data management encompasses the capture, organisation, management, integration and distribution of information about all of the following:

  • natural resources
  • the environment
  • land use
  • transport
  • communications
  • mapping
  • demography
  • socio-economic factors, where such information can be related to a geographical location. 

This applies to the land mass, aquatic, atmospheric or sub-surface areas.

The role of spatial data and information is rapidly extending beyond its traditional applications in mapping, land development and resource management to such areas as emergency services, marketing and health and community services delivery.

The challenge for NTLIS is to ensure high quality spatial data is available in a usable form to support both traditional and emerging applications in government, industry, academia and the general community.

Contact NTLIS

Phone Northern Territory Land Information Systems on (08) 8995 5302 for information about:

  • NTLIS projects
  • inter-agency coordination
  • strategic advice on spatial data management
  • spatial application development and GIS. 

Integrated Land Information System (ILIS) support

Email or phone (08) 8995 5309. 

Geographic Information System (GIS) support

Information about spatial databases, metadata, ANZLIC and online services.

Email or phone (08) 8995 5311.

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Last updated: 30 December 2019


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