$16 million for Arnhem Transport Infrastructure Project

The Northern Territory Government will spend $16 million over two years for works on the road connecting Ramingining to Central Arnhem Road as well as starting to bridge across major rivers along the Arnhem Link Road.

The Arnhem Link Road project will provide opportunities for remote communities and Indigenous people.

In 2016-17, $5 million has been allocated to lift and seal selected sections between Ramingining and Central Arnhem Road.

The $11 million allocated in 2017-18 will provide for a bridge crossing over one of the major rivers in Arnhem Land.

Consultation will be undertaken with Northern Land Council as to which river will be bridged.

This new $16 million investment is in addition to the $11 million of funding under the Regional Roads Productivity Package for Arnhem Link Road.

Transport infrastructure is a key driver of economic development and these projects support the development of Northern Australia and will deliver better services to Territorians living in the Arnhem region.

Arnhem Link Road
Arnhem Link Road