New vehicle inspection facility at Truck Central in Wishart


The new vehicle inspection facility at Truck Central located at 61 Distribution Drive, Truck Central in Wishart is now complete.

The new vehicle inspection facility will mean that heavy and light vehicle inspections will no longer be conducted at the Goyder Road Test Shed in Parap.

Current MVR customer services will remain at MVR Goyder Road.

Relocating the facility will remove heavy vehicle traffic from a primarily residential area in close proximity to schools, improving traffic flow and road safety, as well as reducing noise.

The new Wishart facility will improve heavy vehicle access and will provide a central vehicle inspection location between Darwin, Casuarina and Palmerston.

The online booking system has been expanded to include heavy vehicles, trailers and caravans. This will alleviate customer’s queueing to have vehicles inspected.

Only payments related to a vehicle inspection service will be available at the new facility.

Operating hours are Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm excluding public holidays.

Bookings can be made online.

The new facility will be open for heavy vehicle inspections from Monday 30 March 2020 and light vehicle and all other inspection services will be available from Tuesday 14 April 2020.

For enquiries, please contact 08 8999 3133 or email

New vehicle inspection facility at Truck Central in Wishart

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