DIPL Strategic Plan

The Department is pleased to release its Strategic Plan 2018-2021 which outlines the agency’s direction for the next three years.

Details of the Strategic Plan are presented in detail (15.0 mb) or summary (6.1 mb).

Following are key points from the Strategic Plan:

Strategic Alignment: this Plan aligns with

  • Government’s strategic themes of investing in the bush, trust, putting children at the heart of Government, jobs and the economy, safer and vibrant communities, and greening and vibrant cities;
  • The Economic Development Framework; and
  • The 10 Year Infrastructure Plan.

Our Vision is to drive the sustainable, economic and social advancement of the Territory through strategic land use and transport planning, infrastructure investment, building regulation and effective logistic supply chains.

Our Strategic Objectives are:

  • Long-term planning – Long-term planning that integrates community needs and industry best practice
  • Infrastructure Delivery – Deliver the Territory’s Infrastructure Program and maintain its Infrastructure Portfolio
  • Quality Services – Deliver innovative, well regulated, safe and sustainable services
  • Contemporary Organisation – Create an organisation with the values, capacity and capability to deliver effective services.

Strategy (15.0 mb) and a summary  (6.1 mb) can be downloaded from dipl.nt.gov.au.