Planning study to realign and upgrade Gunn Point Road

The Northern Territory Government invites community feedback on a planning study to realign and upgrade Gunn Point Road and determine its connection to Glyde Point in the north and the Stuart Highway in the south.

The existing road is unsealed and in poor condition and prone to corrugations, dust and wet season closures due to flooding. The Northern Territory Government has recognised the increasing popularity of Gunn Point and is upgrading the road as well as realigning the road corridor.

A key driver for this project is the Northern Territory Government’s commitment to Project Sea Dragon, a $1.45 billion prawn aquaculture project that will generate significant economic and employment opportunities for locals.

The planning study will occur across two packages. The first package of the project is to develop a costed design concept for Gunn Point Road that includes realigning, upgrading and sealing the road to a two-way single carriageway from Howard Springs Road to Gunn Point; $40 million has been committed to deliver this work.

To find out more and provide feedback please go the project page or contact True North Strategic Communication at or 8981 6445.

Gunn Point Road Planning Study