Thinking of modifying your boat? Don’t let this fishing trip be your last

In November 2016 the Northern Territory coroner handed down his findings into a boating fatality that occurred at Salt Water Arm near the mouth of the Adelaide River in May 2016, the result of which was that a Victorian man was tipped into the water and drowned.

The boat had been modified and the coroner “recommended that the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics alert all users of small boats of the danger of modifying vessels without expert advice or assistance that can result in reduced stability and exceeding the requirements of the Australian builder’s plate, where one is fitted.”

The department’s Marine Safety Branch encourages and supports Territorians in enjoying boating on our fantastic waterways, to this end it is important that all boats are maintained in a safe condition, including that any modifications are carried out to the appropriate standards by a suitably qualified person.

Don’t risk your life by modifying your vessel without expert advice.

  • Get advice from a qualified person before making any changes to a boat’s hull, outboard or permanent fittings.
  • Stay safe on the water and don’t operate your vessel beyond its design capabilities.
  • A boat builder, marine surveyor or naval architect can check your vessel and tell you how to modify it safely so you can enjoy casting a line from your boat for many years to come.
  • The Marine Safety Branch can assist in providing details of qualified persons in the Territory to help keep you safe in your boat.

You can contact the Marine Safety office on 8924 7100 or email

Modified Boats