Driverless Bus

Get on board the NT’s first driverless bus trial

The Northern Territory Government is exploring innovative autonomous vehicle technology by running a trial of a driverless, electric vehicle at the Darwin Waterfront Precinct.

About the Driverless Bus

The EasyMile EZ10 Driverless Bus can cater for passengers with reduced mobility including wheelchairs and prams.

The Driverless Bus does not require additional infrastructure, and operates autonomously following a virtual line mapped and loaded in the software of the vehicle.

A trained operator will be on board the vehicle during its operation in the trial. The vehicle will be limited to 20kmph during the trial.

How does it work?

The vehicle uses sensors to scan its environment, including lidars (lasers) and GPS.

A map of the environment is created and on this map a network of virtual routes is defined with sensors. The vehicle positions itself using its sensors and navigates on the predefined routes network.

Driverless bus with points 

There is no need to book your ride

It is free to ride the Driverless Bus. Simply go to the Driverless Bus stop outside Indo Pacific Marine during the operating hours and jump on board.

When and where can I ride?

The Driverless Bus will carry passengers between Indo Pacific Marine and Stokes Hill Wharf – between midday and 2pm - seven days a week. Planning is currently underway for a new route as part of the next trial phase which is anticipated to commence in June 2017.

driverless bus map 

Why are we trialling a Driverless Bus?

The Northern Territory Government is exploring innovative technology through a Driverless Bus trial to deliver a transport solution at the Darwin Waterfront Precinct. The Waterfront Precinct is the perfect NT location for the trial, where there is demand to ferry visitors between dining, retail, recreation and business locations.

The Driverless Bus provides a safe low cost transport solution which generates zero carbon emissions when operating, is disability accessible and provides an alternative to walking between Stokes Hill Wharf and Indo Pacific Marine particularly during the Wet Season. The Driverless Bus is intended to complement existing transportation, including public buses and taxis.

The Northern Territory joins jurisdictions worldwide actively developing and assessing autonomous transport solutions including Singapore, Dubai/UAE, France, Netherlands, California and Japan.

So get on board the Territory’s first Driverless Bus to learn more about automated vehicles and see first-hand how they can provide an effective transport solution.

Tell us what you think – win prizes!

We’d love to hear your feedback about your experience riding the bus. Please complete a short online survey to assist us in assessing the success and potential of the trial. This will help us make decisions about how the technology can be used in the future.

Please complete your survey for your chance to win great prizes to redeem at Darwin’s Waterfront Precinct.

Last updated: 16 May 2017