Inspectors online trial

The new inspectors online system will make vehicle registration renewal faster and easier.

A six-month trial of the online system was launched in November 2014 with a limited group of authorised inspectors. More information about which inspectors are participating will be available soon.

How the system works

Inspectors complete the inspection report and then save the report details directly into the MVR's registration system.

The customer can then to renew their registration online without delay.

Information for MVR customers

You don't need to send the vehicle inspection report to the MVR but you should still keep a hard-copy of the vehicle inspection sheet for your own records.

Information for authorised Inspectors

Inspectors wishing to use the system after the trial phase will need to ensure they have an active AUSkey from the Australian Government.

The process is simple and the Australian Government provides plenty of support in registration and setup.

Once the trial is complete, more information will be made available to authorised inspectors on how to activate their AUSkey and join Inspectors Online.

Do I need to provide the vehicle inspection sheet to MVR?

No – the online portal is sufficient. You must still keep a record of the inspections in your log books as the current process requires.

Do I need to provide the vehicle inspection sheet to the customer?

It's no longer a requirement of the MVR, however it is good practice for the customer to keep this for their own records.

Last updated: 28 November 2017

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