Commercial passenger vehicle reforms

On 28 April 2017, the Northern Territory Government announced a regulatory model to accommodate point-to-point ridesharing transport services, while ensuring a level playing field for the current Commercial Passenger Vehicle (CPV) industry.

The outcomes from the regulatory model will address the following key issues:

  • Safety
  • Service standards
  • Levelling the playing field for the existing CPV industry
  • Enforcement.

For more detailed information on the new regulatory model, please view the Overview of the new Regulatory Model.

Consultation Papers

The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics has released draft regulations, network conditions, levy payment system information, codes of conduct, vehicle maintenance standards, and a ridesharing commercial vehicle licence template documents for comment.

If you would like to view these documents and provide comment, please view the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Reforms Consultation Papers.

Reforms in Progress

Reforms Completed

Last updated: 07 September 2017